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Most Expensive Apps on the App Store [2024]

Lead Marketing Manager

Zmachinskaya Maria

Lead Marketing Manager

November 21
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Smartphones are a big part of our modern life. That is why every day thousands of apps are downloaded in the App Store to find and gain their own target audience and bring their owners a fortune. 

In attempting to gain revenue many entrepreneurs are trying to find better app ideas, better modernization ways, and better features to get their own piece of cake. So, the first aim of every app is to make money. 

What apps appear the most expensive?

Majority of apps available in the App Store are not very expensive. Subscription fees are relatively low or absent. Some apps however can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So, what are they?

The most costly apps are often designed for specific professional or niche purposes. The purposes include medical or legal reference materials, high-end video and photo editing software with features such as background removal, or advanced finance and accounting tools. 

Why do these apps cost that much?

  • Some apps have complex functionality that requires a lot of resources to develop and maintain. For example, high-end photo and video editing software may require advanced algorithms and processing power to achieve their desired results.
  • Apps that are designed for specific professional markets, such as medical or legal reference materials, may require specialized knowledge and expertise to develop. This can make the development process more time-consuming and costly.
  • Some apps may require licensing fees for proprietary software or technologies used in their development. These fees add to the overall cost of the app.
  • Some apps are targeted at high-income individuals or businesses, who are willing to pay a premium price for the benefits they offer.
  • Development and maintenance of an app can be a costly process. This includes costs such as salaries for developers, designers, and project managers, as well as server costs and ongoing maintenance fees.

Top 6 most expensive apps in the App Store in 2024

We have done some research and today we are going to share the list of the most expensive apps you may find in the App Store in 2024.

1. CyberTuner

πŸ’° Cost: $999.99

πŸ™‹ Target audience: piano technicians

πŸ”— The app:

The first one and the most expensive app in our list is CyberTuner. This app was developed in 2012 by a professional piano tuner to make the tuning process more comfortable and fast and help other piano technicians make the instrument sound excellent. It's a software tool that was thoroughly tested by many professionals and loved by them for many years. 

The app is easy to use, has clear and intuitive design, so with its help the tuning process is really prompt and plain. 

Besides the app cost of almost $1K, every user has to pay additional $79 for updates on a yearly basis. Yes, the app cost is very high, but for professional use it is justified.

2. roc.Kasse

πŸ’° Cost: $999.99

πŸ™‹ Target audience: business owners of restaurants, cafes, and clubs

πŸ”— The app:

roc.Kasse is a mobile app that makes iPads work as a digital cash register. This is a great solution for restaurants, cafes, clubs and retailers that helps them to optimize their cashier workflow and everyday routine payment processes. Another great feature is that the solution works independently on Internet connection.

This app is pretty expensive at first sight but in the case of business owners it’s better to pay $1K than develop their own app that will definitely take much more money and time. 

3. viaCAD Pro

πŸ’° Cost: $599.99

πŸ™‹ Target audience: engineers, designers, architects

πŸ”— The app:

The third place in our list of most expensive apps in the App Store is occupied by viaCAD Pro. It is a professional tool for specialists operating in manufacturing and construction.  It is used by architects, designers, and other specialists. 

This comprehensive solution helps professionals to create prototypes, home modeling plans, interior designs, renders, and architectural drawings using their mobile phones which makes them more flexible. The app contains 3D modeling, architectural and other tools that help engineering teams collaborate much better.

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4. Verituner 

πŸ’° Cost: $599.99

πŸ™‹ Target audience: piano technicians 

πŸ”— The app:

Verituner is another solution in our list of most expensive apps which is a special tool for professional piano tuning. It is developed for professional tuners to reduce the quantity of necessary actions to set the piano right. 

The app can measure every note and how its sound, detect inharmonicity and create a whole picture of the piano scaling. After that the Verituner prepares a well-balanced tuning fit for every tuning interval of the piano to make it sound best. All of this done automatically when the technician is tuning the piano. 

Compared with CyberTuner the Verituner is a less expensive app. For a non-professional piano tuner it would be extremely difficult to choose a better option between these two apps. 


πŸ’° Cost: $399.99

πŸ™‹ Target audience: dentists

πŸ”— The app:

DDS GP is a professional medical app for dental specialists. With the help of this app, dentists can consult their patients, showing them their teeth conditions and make personal treatment better. 

The app contains a lot of ready demonstrations, furthermore dentists can upload their images to be more specific with every patient. Intuitive interface and app functionality lets dentists zoom images, paint right on the pictures, print custom treatment for their patients, and more. This app is constantly improving to provide better user experience for both doctors and patients. 

6. Final Cut Pro

πŸ’° Cost: $299.99

πŸ™‹ Target audience: video editors and movie makers

πŸ”— The app:

The last app in our list of the most expensive apps is Final Cut Pro. It is a professional video editing tool that helps users to create high-quality videos and movies. It has a lot of pre-built filters, color correction tools, sounds and motion effects. 

This app makes real magic with video content and is broadly used by professional video makers. The cost may seem high for such an app type, but the possibilities of this app are really great and worth paying for.

To sum up

You may have noticed that all apps in our list serve for professional purposes. Development process of such apps takes more time and requires higher costs. Moreover these apps should be constantly monitored and updated to work smoothly and solve work issues effectively. So, for professional use the prices of these apps don’t seem that high. 

Overall, the cost of an app depends on a variety of factors, including its target market, functionality, and development costs. While some apps may seem expensive, they may offer significant value to their users and justify their high price point.

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