Custom web development company

Custom web development company
Web development services for startups and operating businesses: from simple websites to engaging applications.



Single-page apps (SPA), Progressive web apps (PWA)
Along with traditional web application development (multi-page apps) SolveIt also delivers single-page apps (SPA) and progressive web apps (PWA). With our attention and experience, you get a perfect solution that covers your business needs.
Single page apps
Progressive web apps
Single page applications are preferred by companies for great performance, high security, fast quality assurance, and portability. SPA is your solution if you need a rich user interface with many features and API exposure for external services.

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SolveIt team is beyond standard tech services - our dedicated web development consultants and developers lead clients throughout the whole product launch journey. Transparently. On-time and within the budget.
Discovery phase
Web development consultation
You share your challenges and ideas with us and our web development consultants offer options for technical realization. We consider the functionality, new trends, and the overall market situation for a specific industry. Each SolveIt proposal is crafted specifically for every client covering unique business needs.
Design and prototyping
Web app design services
A clear definition of the extent of the problem helps in prototyping the concept. This lays a solid foundation for the rest of the web and mobile development. The focus is on wireframes, workflows, navigation. Further, we design the look of the future solution based on the preferences of the client.
Development and integrations
Frontend & Backend web development services
We take care of both back- and front-end of your application. Our front-end web developers focus on user experience, interfaces, and adaptivity. Everything is backed up by a powerful backend. Our solutions are high performing, scalable and stable. At this stage, we also develop applicable integrations.
Testing and QA
Testing and QA the website
Our team is attentive to the verification of developed solutions. We test the website and application performance, functionality, and usability on different devices to be sure we reached the quality standards.
Launch and support
Launch and support the website
At this stage, we release the solution, help you to support it during a guarantee period. Our team also helps you with promotion strategy and long-term support upon your request.

Tech Stack

Backend web development
Java: Spring Boot, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, Flyway, Apache Tomcat, REST API, Maven
NodeJS: Express.js
Documentation: Swagger
Database: PostgreSQL, Redis
Frontend web development
React Redux
Material components