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UI/UX design and consulting services

consulting services
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UI/UX design services

UI/UX consulting services

Design audit

Get a meticulous assessment of your app design and actionable insights to improve its UI/UX. This service is designed to instill confidence in your design choices and ensure alignment with user expectations.

UI/UX consulting

Align your product strategy with the latest UX trends and industry best practices. Our UI/UX consultants are here to guide you toward user-centered success and enhance your product's overall usability, accessibility, and effectiveness.

UX research

Increase conversions and improve user journey with our UX research service. We’ll help you improve the user experience by considerably reducing friction to get users to their final goal.

Usability testing

We’ll put your app in front of real users to investigate how they interact with it. We’ll pay attention to any bottlenecks or confusion they face to suggest data-based improvements.

ui/ux design services

consulting services

ui/ux design services

consulting services

ui/ux design services

consulting services

ui/ux design services

consulting services

ui/ux design services

consulting services

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UI/UX design process in simple steps

Why choose SolveIt for UI/UX Services

Quality-first approach

You will receive the most tailored UI/UX design services, fast and attentive communication, and high product quality. Our motto is to be confident that our clients get the best possible solution and do our best to exceed expectations.

Seamless communication

You will definitely like working with us. 90% of our clients point out our communication style as timely, engaging, proactive, competent, and diligent. Just see our clients' reviews on Clutch.

Fair costs

No overpricing or hidden costs - we are fully transparent and fair in pricing. You will be informed in detail and in advance about all expenses.

A partner, not a contractor

We consider every client’s project as our own and get 100% involved in its success. So, you will never feel as if you are paying money to a 3rd party team, but we’ll become one united team.

Frequently asked questions

What UI/UX services do you provide?

As a UI/UX design services company we deliver:
  • user research,
  • wireframing,
  • app UI/UX design,
  • app redesign,
  • prototyping.
Also, our clients get UI/UX design consulting services such as:
  • design audits for enhancing existing design concepts,
  • usability testing to identify and address interface issues,
  • UX research to boost engagement and conversions,
  • UI/UX consulting to align product strategy with industry best practices.

What is the average hourly rate/average price for your UI/UX design services?

The average price for our UI/UX design services varies depending on the complexity of the project.
For an MVP or a simple mobile app, the cost ranges from ~$5,000 to ~$10,000. Keep in mind that medium-complexity mobile app designs typically cost between ~$15,000 and ~$20,000, while complex app designs can exceed $20,000 due to their extensive features.
However, after a detailed assessment by our expert team, we can provide a more accurate estimate and outline an optimal UX/UI design budget for your project.

Do you provide UI/UX design services only from scratch? Can you do an existing app redesign?

Yes, we offer web and mobile app redesign services, where we revamp outdated interfaces, giving your app a fresh and modern look. This redesign can attract new users and re-engage existing ones, ensuring your app remains competitive and user-friendly. For example, we made a food delivery app redesign for our client that helped to attract new users and increase revenue.

Why should I choose your company for UI/UX design services?

SolveIt is the ideal choice for UI/UX design services if you need a quality-first approach, fair pricing, and fast and attentive communication. We take every client's project to heart, ensuring you feel like our only client and project. Does it resonate with your values? Let’s talk!