Our Flutter app development team builds scalable and high-performing Flutter mobile apps for iOS, Android, and also Web, and Desktop.
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Since its release, Flutter has become the most popular cross-platform mobile app development framework. It’s reasonable, while the apps built on Flutter show performance results indistinguishable from native apps. Compared to native apps, Flutter also has several advantages provided by a single code base and hot reload.
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    Accelerated development
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    Cost-effective development
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    Easier maintenance
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    Easier 3rd parties integrations
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    Outstanding performance
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    Native-like user experience


SolveIt is an EU-based Flutter app design and development company delivering full-cycle of IT services.
Real Flutter experience
We have successful Flutter projects in our portfolio. Plus, we are on track with the latest updates of Flutter app development.
Best performance
We involve native developers along with Flutter developers in every project and use native elements in Flutter apps wherever reasonable to deliver high performance with 60 fps across all platforms.
Scalable and future-proof code
SolveIt Flutter development team builds scalable apps that perform great even with a high load. Our Flutter apps are ready for future upgrades and are compatible with the latest hardware and software.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Flutter app development cost?
Generally, Flutter application development cost is less than native app development. However, it depends on the complexity of the solution, required integrations of 3rd party services and device features, as well as development team rates.
Why should I use Flutter for app development?
You should definitely consider Flutter for mobile app development for its cost-effectiveness and faster development time if compared to building a native app. Moreover, Flutter makes it feasible to develop solutions that are closest to the native ones in terms of performance and usability.
Is Flutter good for app development?
It largely depends on the type of application, but in 90% of cases, Flutter is a great choice. Today, companies often choose Flutter for cross-platform development which enables cost-effectiveness and faster development time in comparison to the native development approach. If compared to other cross-platform apps, Flutter based apps are closest to the native ones in terms of performance.
What type of performance can I expect from the Flutter app?
SolveIt builds Flutter apps that show performance and productivity closest to native apps. We ensure scalability and high quality of the developed solutions by keeping close contact with clients, investigating deeply their needs, and using only proven third-party libraries. As well, we follow Apple and Google UI/UX guidelines, and data protection laws.
Can you convert my existing app into Flutter?
Yes, we do mobile app platform migration to Flutter based apps.
What types of apps can be developed on Flutter?
Flutter is a good choice for the development of almost any mobile application: healthcare apps, e-commerce apps, apps for travel and booking, on-demand services apps, and others. It is a great solution for MVP development for startups, as well as for medium and large businesses. At SolveIt, we always discover our clients' ideas to identify which technology and approach fit the best.