Delivering beautiful iPhone applications that pass audits and engage users. We develop both native and cross-platform iOS apps.

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We deliver the full scope of iOS apps development services: UX/UI design, front- and backend development, testing and support, app integration, and iOS consulting.
iOS design
iOS design
SolveIt iOS designers work in accordance with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines that outline iOS design principles and philosophy. We also ensure our iOS app designs comply with fundamental device characteristics and patterns that distinguish the iOS user experience. Thus, the iOS apps we build are easy-to-use thanks to balanced layouts, gentle animation, simple navigation elements, and easy to perceive typography and colors.
Custom iOS app development
Custom iOS app development
Our iOS programmers pay extra attention to well-thought software architecture, code quality, and backward compatibility. We are strongly focused on delivering secure and high-performing solutions. When developing iOS applications we make sure our solutions comply with ever-changing stringent Apple guidelines to minimize the risk of app rejection.
Testing, launch and support
Testing, launch and support
We perform thorough quality assurance testing before launching every app which includes manual and automated testing, regression testing, and UAT on real devices. We handle the publishing of the developed solutions in the App Store. Furthermore, we provide a free warranty on developed solutions and SLA support services on flexible terms.
iOS consulting
iOS Consulting
With our iOS development consulting, you get professional guidance in determining the approaches for custom iOS mobile app design and development and recommendations for the tech stack of your project. SolveIt iOS consultants advise on how to implement iOS persistent storage (CoreData, Keychain) correctly and troubleshoot iOS development and performance issues.


Based on your requirements, we develop iOS apps tailored to specific devices (only iPad or iPhone) or compatible with the whole Apple ecosystem. Our iOS app development team leverages the latest Apple features and implements them in our solutions: Apple Pay, NFC, Siri, 3D Touch, iCloud Drive, iBeacon, and other iOS tech innovations.

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Tablet computer
Digital Watch
Tablet computer
Digital Watch
Tablet computer
Digital Watch
Tablet computer
Digital Watch
Tablet computer
Digital Watch
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iOS native application development is the best solution if you need best in class performance and a truly authentic interface. The native development approach is also the way to go for complex apps, including AR/VR, games, and big data mining. Developing a native app means our design, customization, device hardware usage and integration opportunities are limitless.

Swift app development services
Swift is fast, safe, modern, and much easier to use compared to its predecessor Objective-C. No wonder it has become a primary language for iOS native development.
  • The code is easy to read and write
  • Faster development and easier maintenance
  • Safe and secure programming language
  • Less code & less legacy
  • Open-source
  • Dynamic libraries support


In some cases, it’s more reasonable to build a cross-platform application, for example, to minimize development budget and time. We do it using Flutter, because cross-platform apps built on Flutter show performance results indistinguishable from native apps.

  • Cost-effective development
  • Faster development and easier maintenance
  • Easier 3rd parties integrations
  • Outstanding performance
  • Native-like user experience
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Tech Stack

Development languages
App development frameworks
Cocoa Touch
Core Graphics
Core Animation
Core Audio
Core ML
ORM’s and database
Core Data
Realm Mobile Database
Tools and solutions
Payment Systems (PayPal, Stripe, PayU)

Why SolveIt

Full-service project delivery

We run projects from discovery to App Store publishing and support. A single iOS development team means consistency in processes and communication. Thus, you get the best possible quality of services at every stage of custom iOS app development.

Broad technology expertise

We are experienced in Swift, Objective-C, and Flutter which enables us to choose the most appropriate technologies for every project. It also means we can migrate your app from Objective-C to Swift or duplicate your Android app to iOS.

Transparent processes and professional developers

Based on Clutch reviews, our clients especially appreciate our work style, culture, and quality of services. We believe that the combination of a transparent approach to custom iOS app development and team professionalism is the basis of all customer success stories.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to develop an iOS app?

It depends on the type of application, the complexity of the solution, required features, integrations of 3rd party services and device features. It also largely depends on the custom iOS app development company's location and its rates. For example, the iOS development cost of companies located in the USA is 2-3 times higher than in Eastern Europe or Asia. On average, iOS app development (only an iPhone application) cost starts at $30,000.

Will you assist me to upload the developed iOS app to the App store?

Yes. Moreover, our iOS app development team handles the process of uploading your application to the Apple App store and making sure it successfully passes audits, and that your App store page looks appealing to potential users.

How do you work with app updates to make them comply with the new iOS versions?

We always use the latest version of Xcode because it provides us with the latest version of iOS SDK. Another important approach we take is regularly reading release notes for every new version of iOS and Xcode. So, we get the information about what are the changes made in a new version to make the appropriate updates to the developed products.

Objective-C or Swift: what to choose?

Our iOS developers and consultants investigate the project and requirements to propose the most relevant tech stack and development approach. However, speaking about Objective-C VS Swift, we mostly recommend Swift for new projects. It makes developers’ work more comfortable with the built-in optional type which helps us address the NULL value problem.
Furthermore, Swift provides some cool features like Generics, and Protocol Oriented Programming.

How do you deal with iOS app security issues?

There are several ways:
1. We store sensitive user data in Keychains that use encryption technology for all the data we need to preserve.
2. We use HTTPS protocol for communication with the backend.
3. If the app requires In-App Purchases or In-App Subscriptions, we make sure it never validates purchase receipt from a mobile device. The whole receipt validation logic is performed on server then.