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Validate your project idea and get valuable insights to build a truly outstanding product!

Project discovery phase
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Project discovery phase
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discovery phase services
Outcome of discovery phase
Skipping the discovery phase of a software project often results in an underestimated amount of investments and high risks. Moreover, without discovery, the budget becomes overused during development due to multiple tweaks in functionality and requirements.
  • Get product vision with architecture description and strategy
  • Get a precise development plan with specifications
  • Start development confidently
  • Minimize development risks
  • Stay within budget and timeframes
  • Get to know the team prior to product development
Outcome of discovery phase
Discovery packages
Our development approach is tightly connected with business needs. Thus, our discovery phase services depend on specific client requirements and goals. If you are not sure which one is your best fit, we’ll help you make the right choice or make an individual offer.

If none of these packages
suits you, we’ll propose an
offer tailored to your needs


Steps of discovery

Steps of discovery
To start, we’ll get acquainted with each other and gather initial requirements to understand your idea, the business's current state and goals, as well as future product value.
Analysis and research
Analysis and research of discovery
During several weeks of the discovery and design phase our team will be analyzing details and performing market or environment analysis in-depth based on the selected package. Subsequently, a Business Analyst will interpret data into actionable insights, functional and non-functional requirements.
Discovery and design phase
Our design team will use the results of the business analysis to create a design concept to target your audience and build wireframes using user journeys. So, we ensure a smooth user experience while you can change the concept prior to estimation and even development. You will be able to finally see and feel your product.
Technical analysis
Technical analysis of discovery
Technical consultants will propose the most suitable infrastructure and development approach for your product. Technology description and functional specification document with a focus on MVP development and future iterations. Software architecture description with integrations that will be high performing, stable and scalable.
Discovery phase deliverables
Discovery phase deliverables
After completing this stage you are ready to initiate your MVP development with a clear understanding of the product vision. As an outcome of the discovery phase, you get a project roadmap with deadlines, resources, and deliverables, as well as a proposal with estimated financial and time investments to proceed with the development.
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Why SolveIt

Dedicated and proactive

SolveIt is dedicated to your success. Thus, we take care of every client’s idea as ours. We don’t simply execute, but advise, guide, and implement best practices.

Flexible and transparent

Our clients appreciate our style of work. We reply and react fast, our timesheets are clear, and our updates are regular and frequent.

Long-term partner

We are a full-cycle product-oriented development agency. It means we handle every step of your product development journey up to SLA support.