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about the project

SolveIt developed a mobile app for live streaming. Any user of the application can watch other people’s broadcasts or start their own, communicate with streamers in an online chat, buy gifts for them in local currency, and rate streams.
A mobile app for live streaming

solveit’S TASKS

  • Create an iOS mobile app;
  • Develop application design;
  • Create admin panel;
  • Enable in-app purchases without banking systems connection.

Three types of streams

  • Regular stream: users can start their own stream or watch any of the active ones
  • Private stream: streamers can request a gift for accessing their stream
  • Battle: a competition of two streamers against one another

Development process

Requirements collection and market analysis
Streaming app development: streamer profile
Our designer and analyst together with the client thought over each section of the app. Team carefully thought out the main functionality of the two applications and the admin-panel.
UX/UI design
Streamers avatars Streaming app development
We took into account all the states, sizes and behavior of components to speed up the development process and improve the quality of the layout at different screen resolutions.
Together with the client, the developers and designers have thought over the behavior of all screens. Our team provided the client with layouts of all screens, including the admin panel.
Backend development
Live Stream Function Streaming app development
It is very important to develop the back-end infrastructure for these type of application.
Mobile application development
Live streaming: filters for video, chat, and video chat
The development team started building an iOS app. The most time-consuming work was on broadcasts: displaying statistics during broadcasts, various types of broadcasts, displaying static data at the end of broadcasts. We also worked with in-app purchases.
Creating an admin panel
Streaming app admin panel
Using the admin panel, you can sort and filter data, search for data, set the user and moderator role, delete users for violations of the application's rules of use.

Admin panel includes:

  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Searching data
  • Data analysis
  • Adding new gifts
  • Remove gifts
  • Assign roles
  • Remove users
Testing and launching
Streaming app development main screen
Streaming application


  • Mutually subscribed streamers can invite one another to a three-minute battle, during which they compete in something: singing, dancing, performing a challenge, etc.
  • The viewer can switch between streamers: one will be displayed in full screen and another as a thumbnail, and vice versa.
  • The viewer gives a gift to the participant they like most. The streamer who gets the most gifts from viewers in three minutes wins the battle.
Streaming app battles
Streaming app post
Streaming app post
Streaming app post
Streaming app post

Local currency and gifts

  • Users can buy packages of 100–10,000 coins, for which they can purchase gifts to streamers during broadcasts
  • The streamer sees the name of the sender, the gift, and its value and can respond to the gift with a message in the chat
  • For the streamer, the received gifts are converted into crystals, which can be exchanged for real money

Main functions

  • Authorization via Apple ID, Google, and Facebook.
  • List of all active broadcasts on the application main screen.
  • Conducting and watching live broadcasts with the ability to subscribe to other users.
  • Following section with a list of active broadcasts of those to whom the user is subscribed.
  • Applying Agora filters to videos.
  • Chat for streamer communication with viewers.
  • Buying gifts for streamers for coins, the app local currency, using Apple Pay.
  • Push notifications about new subscribers.
  • Viewing, editing, and deleting the personal account.
  • Inviting friends using the app download link.

Admin panel

  • A list of all registered users with information about them: the balance of coins and crystals, the number of subscriptions and subscribers. Filters for sorting by any of the parameters
  • Assigning moderators who can force-stop broadcasts that violate the rules of the platform
  • List of all available gifts, deleting and adding new gifts
  • Editing coin packages, access to information about the number of purchases of each of the packages
User Statistics

Technology Stack

Agora Real Time Messaging
Agora Interactive Live Audio & Video Streaming SDK
In-App Purchase
Firebase Push Notifications
Redis, Swagger
Firebase Push Notifications
Agora Real Time Messaging
Agora Interactive Live Audio & Video Streaming SDK
React Redux
Material components