Swim race tracking app

Swim race tracking app

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Smart mobile app developed for swimmers to track, analyze, and store their race performance
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About the project

The client

MyRaceData is a startup founded by passionate professional swimmers who are driven by their love for this sport and a desire to expand its reach.

They turned to SolveIt with the idea of creating a race tracking app to bring a new level of personalized insights to the competitive swimming world.

The idea

Typically, only top-level swimmers affiliated with their countries' national training centers access such deep analysis of their performance.

MyRaceData tracking app allows to comprehensively analyze and store race data for all aspiring competitive swimmers at any skill level.

The goals

Validate the idea

Deliver a cross-platform app for iOS and Android to reach a wider audience at affordable costs

Foster accessibility

Provide the platform that enables athletes of any proficiency to easily track their progress

Get the profit

Establish a source of income through the implementation of a settled monetization model

Obtain funding

Launch a fully functional MVP app to attract further financing and captivate potential investors

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to launch
an MVP

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SolveIt’s Mission

  • Aligning business requirements with client vision;
  • Implement the app's monetization strategy;
  • Develop a cross-platform MVP app for iOS and Android;
  • Approve UX/UI design conceptions;
  • Meet the project's deadlines and budget.
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The solution

The race tracking app should empower any swimmer, coach, or an enthusiastic athlete to elevate their results through advanced data analysis in comparison not only with peers but elite sportsmen, Olympic and world champions.

To address the app’s availability and the need of further showcasing without inflated timelines and budgets, SolveIt’s team offered to build a cross-platformed MVP app on Flutter for both iOS and Android platforms.

Technology stack

Firebase SDK