Record your life

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About The Project

RYL is an Israeli startup that has decided to perfect the idea of sound recording. Their main goal was to create a new tool that will help you save all the important moments of your life.
Record your life

Client tasks

  • Design and development of RYL mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Design and development of RYL smart-watch applications for iOS and Android.
  • Development of the server side.
  • Project management.
Record your life
A voice recorder tool

Main functions

  • The app consumes as little battery as possible (measurements show that the battery consumption is less than 0.3% per hour).
  • The application can work in offline mode.
  • The application automatically records all the moments in which the voice was present. To implement this function, we have developed a solution using voice recognition.
  • The client also wanted the audio recording to be able to be translated into text format. For this functionality, it was necessary to develop a speech recognition function.
  • The pronunciation of different languages has different widths of the sound frequency range. Consequently, it was necessary to implement language recognition.
  • By using advanced audio compression, we can keep high quality audio in a small size.
  • The app allows you to cut out unwanted parts of your recording.
  • In the application, you can see which event the audio recording belongs to, and also share it with the participants.
A voice recorder tool
Main Privacy Features:
  • All recordings are stored locally on your device, it does not upload your recordings to our servers.
  • All records are permanently deleted after 7 days (except those saved or downloaded).
A voice recorder tool

The Solution

The application can run in the background, recording everything that happens around. The app uses modern optimized audio compression to deliver higher sound quality in a small size. Battery consumption has been optimized and minimized. The application was created with confidentiality in mind, so no one has access to any records except the user.
Record Your Life is a voice recording tool that allows you to record the most precious moments of your life. The project is a native mobile application for iOS and Android with adaptation for smartwatches.

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