Mobile app for children's store

6 specialists

About the project

The client is a large chain of children's goods stores. The high popularity of the chain pushed the need for custom mobile app development so that the range of more than 5,000 children's goods was at hand at any time.

SolveIt's mission

The team was faced with the task of developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android, integrating them with the client’s backend. The application was meant to include all the functions of an e-commerce store: a search with customizable filters, a catalog, a shopping cart, and built-in payment services. It was necessary to combine all the components that provide customers with a full user experience, given the heavy load on the application: it was expected to reach 50,000 users simultaneously.

Main functions

  • Place orders, track their status and location.
  • Select delivery method: by the door, to the chosen store, or the nearest pick-up point. The goods are delivered within two hours.
  • Scan the QR or barcode of a product to find it in the catalog. The user can turn on the flashlight to scan the code even in low light.
  • Special offers feed with a countdown on the home screen, so the user doesn't miss out on great deals.
  • Push notifications about new promotions.
  • Personal account with purchase history, transactions with bonus points, and a list of favorite stores.
  • Save liked products in the “Favorites” category.
  • Add information about children for personalized offers.

Loyalty Program

  • On the home screen, the “Loyalty card” button immediately jumps out. The loyalty program allows customers to accumulate bonuses from buying goods and use them for future purchases.
  • Bonus points allow paying for up to 100% of the purchase. 5% of the cost of clothes and 2% of the cost of other goods return to the buyer account as bonuses.
  • With the digital loyalty card, there is no more need for plastic cards. Show the cashier the in-app QR code to get a discount or to accrue bonuses even in offline stores.
  • Accumulated bonuses are safe and secure. Instead of the usual barcode, the app uses a dynamic QR code that cannot be stolen and counterfeited.

The challenge

The mobile app with a full set of online store functions had to manage a heavy load and process many operations simultaneously. This required sufficient experience in mobile development and building complex application architecture from the team. Placing and processing orders, money transactions, tracking goods — all these operations must be conducted continuously on many devices.

By integrating the application with the existing backend, the team was able to achieve these goals and create a fast and user-friendly mobile app.


The online store app’s traffic exceeded the client’s expectations: the number of online users has reached 80,000, and the app has been installed over 1.5 million times.

The application allowed users to save more thanks to the loyalty program. They are notified about all promotions and discounts and can receive personalized offers by specifying information about their child.

The client optimized the processes thanks to electronic loyalty cards and saved on the issue of physical cards. Thanks to the loyalty program and live information on discounts, customers return to the online store, increasing the client's profit: in the first month, over 100K purchases have been made through the mobile app.

One month after release
80 000
online users
1 500 000
100 000+
purchases through the mobile application