Mobile medical app

Mobile medical app

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About the project

The client is a network of diversified medical centers and clinics delivering medical services in various specializations for more than 10 years.

The main goal

User experience
The client was looking to enable patients with easy access to individual medical history, the ability to request appointments and access test results 24/7, get and renew prescriptions, and complete payments online.
Software scalability
One of the major requirements was the scalability of the developed medical app while the client had an objective to extend its business by opening new clinics in different regions.
SolveIt's mission background
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SolveIt’s mission

While the client had an idea but no technical background, he was looking for a team to transform the business requirements into technical specifications and develop the agreed solution.

  • Discover the idea and prepare a detailed project roadmap;
  • Design interfaces for every user type: patients, doctors, admins;
  • Develop a mobile medical app for patients;
  • Develop a web medical app for doctors;
  • Develop admin panel to manage patient-doctor communication;
  • Integrate the developed mobile medical app with the clinic’s website, payment system, email and SMS service.
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Discovery phase

Discovery package:Product
Duration:1 month

The Solution

We built a user-friendly mobile application for patients and an easy-to-use web application for doctors, backed up by the admin panel. The developed medical apps work smoothly and simultaneously with each other. The developed database securely stores the information and is synchronized with website data and client data storage.
To make the medical app scalable the implemented integrations support adding an unlimited number of locations, clinics, and doctors without loss in performance.
For personal data safety we ensured secure messaging and encrypted file transfer protocols. The developed medical appointment app complies with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Test results
  • E-prescribing
  • Special programs and discounts
  • History of visits
  • Patient help center
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Mobile app for patients
Mobile app for patients
  • Authorization
  • Catalog for doctors including reviews and their timetable
  • Services catalog
  • Appointment management: schedule, edit, cancel
  • Personal account with medical and appointments history, doctor’s prescriptions
  • Creating and managing child’s account
  • Uploading documents
  • Payments
Web app for doctors
Web app for doctors
  • Signing up
  • Viewing patients' appointments
  • Access to patient's medical history, prescriptions
  • Uploading files
Admin panel
Admin panel
  • Authorization
  • Managing communications patient-doctor
  • Managing integrations with external systems
Mobile Medical App


  • The mobile medical app gives patients the ability to comfortably schedule appointments with doctors and access their medical information 24/7;
  • Improved doctor-to-patient communication and the overall quality of services;
  • Increased customer loyalty and engagement;
  • Reduced “no-shows” thanks to the effective appointment management.

Technology Stack

Flutter Bloc
Bloc Concurrency
Shared Preferences
Local Notifications
Firebase Messaging
Firebase Crashlytics
Mobile app server
Redux Toolkit
styled components