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about the project

Our client is a French startup that has decided to implement the idea of a cargo ordering service based on the “Uber for X” model. The client wanted to implement a convenient and modern solution and was looking for a software development company.

Client tasks

  • Develop a hole software ecosystem;
  • The application for customers;
  • The application for drivers;
  • Web application for customers;
  • Web admin panel;
  • Backend.

Main functions

It was necessary to create an admin panel that would allow the business owner to get a complete overview of the application's performance and change some application modules without additional technical support. Using Google Maps to get the best routes to the clients and his destination
We have developed a web application that allows clients to place an order through a desktop. Also, this application served the marketing goals of the client, SEO-friendly page outlines the main goals and benefits of a startup.
Drivers Application:
  • Registration/login via a phone number with its verification;
  • The ability to see the customer's location and travel destination, as well as the customer's order history. Based on this information, the driver accepts or rejects the order;
  • Push notifications about new orders and changes in their status;
  • Using Google Maps and to get the best routes to the client and his destination;
  • Convenient communication with a client through an internal messenger;
  • Ability to contact support via the application;
  • The ability to pay for the use of the application through In-App and Stripe. 
Clients Application:
  • Registration/login via email with the ability to login via social networks;
  • To book a van client need to enter the address, select the type of van, indicate the destination;
  • The application displays the approximate cost of transportation from point A to point B on a certain type of van before placing an order;
  • The application displays the location of the driver in real-time;
  • Push notifications about the status of the order, the estimated time of arrival of the van, and so on;
  • Order history to quickly find the data;
  • Ability to leave a review and rate a driver.

Technology Stack

Spring Boot