Car parking app

Car parking app

Platform business model
Discovery Phase, App Prototype Development, MVP Development, iOS development
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Winning Conception

Thanks to the comprehensive discovery phase, the app's logic and configuration were identified.

Apps Prototypes

The client got 2 detailed clickable prototypes to test the existing idea before the actual development.

Ready MVP

In 2.5 months they obtained a fully functioning MVP iOS app with UX/UI conceptions to attract further investments in their startup project.

About the project

The client came to SolveIt with the innovative idea of creating an urban smart app for improving the management of private parking all over the city to make the interaction contactless, convenient, and stress-free.

The solution should enable car owners to effortlessly resolve parking-related matters and empower companies to offer efficient and user-friendly parking services.

A smart urban mobile app

The goals

Obtain financing

Create a proof-of-concept of the project with a ready-to-go MVP app to showcase the idea and attract further investments.

Get the revenue

Enable revenue generation through a proven client monetization model by facilitating operator-user interaction.

Foster eco-consciousness

Promote an environmentally friendly approach that minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional parking processes.


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SolveIt’s Mission

  • Conduct the discovery phase for the overall app's concept and logic.
  • Provide a user app prototype.
  • Provide an operator app prototype.
  • Develop an iOS MVP app with UX/UI design conceptions.
  • Set the project's development process plan, deadlines, and budget.
The mobile application for car parking

The solution

The mobile app should allow car owners all over the city to find available parking spots, make contactless payments, and receive reminders about the car's location. At the same time, private parking companies have to be able to optimize their resources by reducing paper usage and service time.

To realize this business model, SolveIt's team provided 2 app prototypes — user's and operator's — and then, on this basis, developed ready-to-go iOS MVP.

Car parking app prototype

Features of apps prototypes

Features of MVP Apps

Development process plan

1. Discovery

Discovery call

Defining the project idea

2. Analysis

Development Time & Cost

Defining the scope of work and tech requirements

3. UX/UI design

Competitive analysis


Detailed screens

4. Development

Development & Coding

App Review

5. Quality assurance

Quality Assurance & Testing

6. Deployment

Finalization & Launch


7. Support

Technical support (support level 1-3)

Post-launch product support

Tech Stack

iOS Mobile app
Firebase SDK
Stripe SDK
Firebase SDK
Stripe SDK