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Website redesign
for Family Dental Center
About the client
Family Dental Center has already worked with our company on the project of mobile app development for iOS and Android devices. After a successful collaboration, our client decided to redesign the site with a referral to the existing target audience and attracting foreign patients. It was important to show the clinic on the site, to build a competent architecture for easier interaction with the site as well.
The main goals
To redesign an outdated website, optimizing and simplifying user interactions with the website content. It was a top priority to provide users with a clear architecture with thoughtfully structured information. Besides, it was important to work out the new system of the call-to-action elements to boost the site conversions.
Completed task
UX Flow Development;
Completed task
User Interface Design;
The challenge
New website architecture
Since the website creation in early 2011 a lot of different information was added to the site. The logic and structure of the pages were lost due to the desire to provide useful content. That’s why it was necessary to think through the structure of website architecture from scratch so the user could easily find the right information even if he visits the dental center website for the first time.
User interface design
It was important to preserve the unique individuality of the dental center. During the creation of new website design, it was decided to show the clinic’s doctors and the organization of the clinic from inside as much as possible. We chose to use branded colors: white and orange for a better perception of the integrity of the clinic and the site.
Call-to-action elements
Particular attention was paid to lead collection elements. We worked out several “collection” options for different types of content and pages. In addition, we developed unique forms and buttons, reflecting the page tone, so the site visitor can leave contact information.
Mobile adaptability
Client's website analytics show the majority of their traffic comes from mobile devices. That’s why special attention was paid to the development of the site’s mobile version. It was especially necessary to think over the menu view on a mobile device as it has many subsections and our client would like to present them all for more information.
Redesign process
Analyze and research
The SolveIt team conducted a preliminary analysis of the dental center’s current website content and traffic statistics. It was necessary to understand how many pages we have to work with and decide how many of them we will need to update, remove or even create new ones. After internal analysis, we researched the client's competitors to get a better understanding of the dental market's current state and best practices.
Sitemap formation
Developing an intuitive sitemap is one of the mobile hitches of UX design. After we got a view on the site’s current content structure, we formed a new sitemap with our proposal of necessary pages, their relationships with each other and navigation between them.
Wireframes creation
After sitemap creation, our design team builded wireframes to show in a simple blueprint the way how content will be organized on each page type (homepage, services, personal profile, pricing, etc.).
Homepage concepts creation
Important step to finalize the mobile style and overall vision on the site’s visual appearance. We’ve created three concepts of the mobile page. The client has chosen a bright variant with rounded elements and emphasis on the friendly colors since most of the center’s services are for children.
Brand guidelines update
After the client selected the concept of the mobile page, we created a basic style guideline to create the design of the remaining pages. The guideline will also help the developer in the future to add new pages that will look consistent with the entire site without the help of a designer.
Inner pages redesign
As a result, we have prepared a complete redesign of the website for Family Dental Center taking into account all the features of the field of activity, corporate style and focus on the target audience. We made a lot of effort to bring the site users to the appointment by implementing different call-to-action elements and gathering interesting content in the correct way. The final version of the website contains systematic information about the clinic and a lot of employee’s photos.
Optimization for mobile
As it was mentioned as one of the mobile tasks, due to the huge amount of mobile traffic it was extremely important to create the correct mobile version of the site. Since the huge amount of information on some of the pages, a lot of sliders and non-standard solutions were implemented to ensure proper mobile experience.
QA and testing
Since the redesign affected a lot of pages, it was important to test the usage convenience of them before the final deployment. Therefore, we developed an interactive prototype, so the client can test the usability of the site.
Dentists personal profiles
Trust is one of the most important clients retention features in the dentistry. Together with the MedExpert team, we worked out each dentist's personal profile on the site. This profile contains portfolio items with examples of previous works, customer reviews and the ability to schedule consultation or treatment with this particular specialist.
Real photos instead of stock images
Usually, healthcare industry sites are visualized by images from photo stocks. In our project, we used only real clinic photos and photos of the clinic's staff to ensure the additional level of their client's trust.
Call-to-action elements
As the website is one of the mobile touchpoints with the potential clients, it was necessary to pay attention to lead collection elements. Our team worked out several “collection” options for different types of content and pages to make each form be unique, not be duplicated on the pages, and fit the page content.
Treatment price calculator
During reworking the “Services” page, we decided to implement an online calculator. A user has the ability to highlight directly on the site one or more teeth that need to be cured to immediately get the approximate price for its treatment.
Advertising banners
Since some of the pages generate traffic through content marketing, we decided to create several advertising banners to “push” website visitors to schedule an appointment or learn more about the clinic's dental services.
Landing pages for foreign clients
Dental tourism is now becoming increasingly popular. That’s why we worked out landing page for foreigners with detailed info about all the advantages of such interaction. Besides the graphs showing how much a client can cut the costs on dental treatment, we developed pages with different important info about accommodation, transportation, and cultural stuff.
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