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Web Development for Architectural and Сonstruction Сompany

Architectural & Сonstruction Сompany “Alfa-cube” wanted to create a corporate site from scratch. They were looking for a software development company with a full-cycle service line. It was important for the client to find a vendor not only to develop a software solution but also to help with creating Alfa-cube's digital identity.
The main goal
Architecture & Construction is a complex domain with a sales funnel containing lots of steps. It was important to provide potential users with a clear explanation of all work stages and the intricacies of the construction process. To provide visitors with information in a systematic and portioned manner, making it as easy as possible for them to find the necessary data on the site.
That’s why the corporate site development for this domain assumed a thoughtful interface design with an emphasis on organizing and providing data.
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Completed task
UX Flow Development;
Completed task
User Interface Design;
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Web hosting;
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Website FrontEnd Development;
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Project management.
The Challenge
Information Systematization and Delivery
To explain to the client all the stages and subtleties of construction as simple as possible, to give information to the user in a systematic and portioned manner, to make reading as easy as possible
User Interface Design
It was necessary not only to keep Alfa-cube's offline identity and aesthetics but also create such a design concept, that would be relevant for the next several years. It was decided to choose pastel colors as the basis so that the user can feel comfortable while on the site.
Graphics Optimization
Being the multiple touchpoints with a client, corporate site in the Architecture & Сonstruction domain, contains lots of heavy images, schemes, and videos. To avoid poor user experience due to long page loading speed it was important to do a lot of optimization workload.
Responsive Web Design
Particular attention was paid to the site development for mobile devices. More than half of users come to the site from mobile devices, so it was extremely important to work out with adaptation for different gadgets.

The Solution

We carried out preparatory activities, which include important aspects of the future website. SolveIt team gathered the needs and wishes of the client and, after the target audience and competitors' analyzing, compiled a list of the main functions. We have collected the necessary data for the preparation of technical specifications. It also included suggestions on the design and the technology used.
After the approval of the technical specifications on both sides, our UX/UI designer began to develop the website design. The client clearly stated that the interface of the site must be relevant for a long time. Thus, our designer didn’t use the latest and very bright trends, which will soon be irrelevant. Pastel colors and a minimum of flashy colors were used to make the user feel comfortable on the site and spend as much time as possible on it.
As a result, we designed a new website for “Alfa-cube” with longevity in mind, avoiding trendy design aesthetics that look dated in a year. We utilized clear graphics, already finished projects' photographies and simple, reusable layouts to create a lasting and flexible aesthetic.
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