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with our Uber-like software solution
The business model of the Uber service has made a real revolution in the business sphere. Now the Uber-like applications are created not only for taxi services but also for other service industries. Our solutions will help your business to improve the level of your interaction with your clients and process management.
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What do we offer
Depending on your business scale we offer you a solution consisting of several applications. This is a complete and ready-made eco-system including backend and overall UX/UI design oriented to improve and optimize your business with modern digital tools.
What are the elements
of the solution?
Client app
Online chat
The ability to communicate with drivers after a call in an online chat.
Booking rides
This allows passengers to schedule their calls before the actual time of the call.
Driver tracking
You can easily find out how far away the driver is from the seat.
Easy payments
Passengers can choose any type of payment, such as credit card, debit card, cash, mobile wallets, etc.
Saved locations
The user can save the location to avoid entering the address each time.
Uberlike example app
Driver app
Information on new bookings and rides- payment, route details, etc.
Navigator is built into the application. The app selects the best route for the driver.
Summary of income
Drivers can keep track of their daily travel and revenues within the app.
Call to the dispatcher
It is possible to contact the dispatcher directly to solve issues and receive recommendations.
Full tank
The application helps the driver to find the nearest filling station and shows the fuel prices.
Driver status
Drivers can mark their status (online - ready to work, offline - not working).
Admin panel for business owner
Keep track of your business results with visualizations and numbers.
Payment control
Establish a commission for drivers or change the pricing system according to ride requirements.
Update info
Always provide fresh discounts and promotions to your customers via dashboard without the help of a developer.
Admin can access the lists of drivers, users of the uber-like app for a more detailed analysis.
Convenient workflow
Supervise users and assign managers of the dispatch dashboard.
See the opportunity
As an administrator, you will be able to see which places are most popular based on driver ride data.
Dispatcher dashboard
Driver Management
Ability to schedule trips to drivers as well as manage ride data. Provides communication between the dispatcher and the driver due to dispatcher dashboard.
Customer Management
Management of customer profiles and direct ride requests.
Booking Control
The dispatcher can manage and view taxi requests via the dashboard.
Monitor rides history
Using the service history, you can get detailed information about calls for a certain period. All information about customer service history will be available in the form of a report.
Real-time tracking
The dispatcher can track the movement of cars in real-time with an in-built GPS system.
Feedback and service evaluation received from customers are visible on the dispatch dashboard. So the dispatcher can review them and further take measures to improve the service.

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