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Stay in touch with Your Club

Support your club members with an integrated messaging channel, reward for activity and help to track their success via the rating system.

The value we offer

Increasing of the stable amount of players in your cash-games

Few taps to control all the system – no additional technical staff required

3+ years of experience working with top poker clubs – we know the industry from inside

Modern & Elegant

Simply beautiful

Clear and user-friendly responsive interface.

Your branding

We care about your brand by keeping your style.

In the Cloud

Fast, safe, secure and accessible worldwide.

Internal Club’s currency

Reduce fees influence on the game cost.

Easy to Edit & Maintain

Just a few taps

Control system and change its content without additional technical staff.

In one place

Multifunctional administration control panel, including games’ history, statistics, and CRM-system.

Smart insights

Role management

Segment players and create bonus programs, limit transactions rules and custom reports based on your own defined roles.

In-depth reporting

Gain a 360°-degree view of your business.

Management control

Increase transparency for the actions performed by your administrators on player records.

Our solution value overview

Relevance for Business Owners

- Digital tool to take a new level of prestige and members confidence;
- Capability of adding internal Club’s currency;
- Increasing the loyalty of current members, as well as a tool to attract new members;
- Direct channel of communication with your club members;
- Multifunctional administration panel (Games history, Statistics and Reports, CRM-system);
- Increasing the speed of your tournaments or cash-games start.

Relevance for Your Club Members

- Push-notification about upcoming cash-games and tournaments;
- Direct channel of communication with the club’s administration;
- Capability of applying to tournaments or cash-games remotely;
- Capability to buy-in/rebuy with your credit card;
- Personal profile with individual statistics;
- Leaderboard ladder
- Achievement system for gaming activity (something beyond the rake).

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Address: 14 Skryhanova Street,
off 32, Minsk 220073, Belarus
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