As an IPTV or OTT provider, you want to guarantee the best possible user experience to your customers. SolveIt delivers software for IPTV and OTT that seamlessly integrates with all types of STB, is adaptable to your business requirements and affords you complete control over your services.
With our IPTV Software Solution either in single or multiple-office configurations, the owners can make the entire process affordable, easy to set up, and simple to maintain and customize over time.
What do we offer
Depending on your IPTV or OTT service scale we offer you a complete and ready-made software solution, oriented to improve and optimize your business with modern digital tools.
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What are the elements of the solution?
Element of solution
Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)
Element of solution
IPTV Middleware
Element of solution
IPTV Website with Player
Element of solution
Admin Dashboard
IPTV Software Solution Features
We provide complete customizable design along with the domain name and logo insertion to our clients. You can easily add or modify the control settings as per their needs.
With IPTV Software Solution, the business owner can add pay per view, subscriptions, and ad insertion with targeting on the users. You can also add the billing system and integrated with payment systems, third party, as well as generate payment reports.
Streaming or video servers are fully responsible for pushing the content over IP through standardized protocols. The streaming server is integrated with the middleware, head-end, Automatic Content Preparatory Mode, CA, and much more.
IPTV component is capable of carrying all the business logic and responsible for managing interfacing all solution components as well as players like Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management, set-top box, Integrated Access Device, Billing Content Management, DRM, and much more.
Our Company provides HLS protocol adaptive streaming support to our clients. The IPTV technology gives a perfect image along with the highest possible quality that is auto-tuned according to the internet speed.

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