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Be around your clients with
our app for Dental Center

Our solution provides all the necessary tools to take communication with patients to a new level. The application allows the dental clinic to simplify work with clients and employees. You can manage and control all the information about the treatment in your center.

Key Features

Reminder for clients

Do not be afraid
to forget

Our medical application will always remind a client about the scheduled appointments with a doctor.

Load information

Load important information

The patient can upload the necessary files to the: x-ray, photo of documents.

Contact form

Be in touch

The contact form can help the patient to connect with a dentist or a clinic. The customer can always write to the dental center, and also send a photo of a disturbing problem.

Up-to-date information

Always up to date

The patient can always know about new promotions, services and special offers.

Dental Chart

The dental chart will help a doctor to note the condition of the tooth. A dentist can mark the extracted tooth or a cured one. As well as the dental chart has the history of its treatment with the date and procedure name. In addition, a dental chart includes a child page, that is really convenient for parents.


The patient can evaluate the clinic service immediately after the procedure. You get data on the work of doctors and other employees without much effort. This information can help You to amend Your dental clinic in a good way.


A dashboard is a commodious way to see everything You need to know about your patients, dentists and other things in one place. You can make any changes about your clinic on your desktop, tablet or mobile, wherever you are. This dashboard also provides an opportunity to update the information about dental services, prices and specialists.


The dashboard has an enormous amount of tools. One of which is Analytics that provide information through the schedule to the owner about how people relate to the dental clinic. Thanks to the graphs You can easily trace the dynamics of patients responses.

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