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SolveIt is a software development company providing broad-based solutions. One of the promising areas is the development of software for the transportation and logistics industry. The developed solutions in this direction will help companies simplify their work at the level of interaction and process management.
Our team can provide a variety of software options depending on the size of the company, its goals, and its requirements. We rely on modern technologies and methods for developing solutions for business in the field of transportation and logistics.
You can benefit from the experience that our company received developing software that covered the needs of:
pointPassenger transportation
pointDelivery services
pointUber for X startups
pointCargo transportation
pointOn-demand services
Areas of improvement
Here are the areas to be improved with software solutions both for your patients and your staff.
Facilitating online booking
The mobile application minimizes lengthy and redundant booking processes. The client saves his time thanks to the ability to place an order in one click. The solution saves your staff time and client time.
pointPayment via a mobile device
pointComparison of several transportation options
pointBooking an order at any convenient time
pointCalculation of the route of transport, prices and delivery times
Control the company from the inside out
Manage your business easier with a complete software solution. Control the processes that take place inside your company and keep abreast of all stages of work. Simplify your work with customers, suppliers and your employees.
pointDealer Management Systems (DMS)
pointE-Commerce, CRM and ERP Solutions
pointSupply Chain Management (SCM)
pointManagement Information Systems (MIS)
Organization of communication with customers and their employees
The software solution allows you to resolve the issue with the relationship between all representatives of the cargo supply chain. The logistics and transportation solution will give the user and your employee the opportunity to contact the dispatcher.
pointСhat with all the information about transportation
pointIndividual push-notification
pointInteraction of the warehouse and the carrier
pointDialog boxes between driver and client
Increase brand prestige
Modern problems require modern solutions. Be more practical and run your business with new technologies. This will allow you to be several steps ahead of your competitors and not only increase customer loyalty, but also attract a new one.
pointIndividual profile
pointIntuitive interface
pointAccessibility (development on iOS / Android)
Continuous cargo tracking
It is important for both the client and the company to always know where the cargo is now. The software solution allows you to instantly without any difficulties to find out information about the load. Neither the company nor the client can worry at the time of transportation.
pointGPS navigation: points of unloading / unloading
pointTrack cargo status
pointView the history of the completed order
pointDeviation control
Get rid of paperwork
The number of electronic documentation in comparison with paper media is constantly growing. Now it’s very convenient to have everything in electronic form, both for the client and for the company. In addition, information can be presented in any form you want.
pointView order information in your account
pointImportant documents will no longer be lost
pointAnalytics and infographics
pointFast access

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