SolveIt’s healthcare expertise
SolveIt, as a software solution provider that understands the Healthcare industry specific, focused not only on the technical side but also on the ethical principles and compliance with the domain regulatory environment.
Healthcare digital solutions help healthcare organizations, hospitals, dental clinics, and pharmacies to increase patient loyalty and attract new ones, exercise appropriate control, collect data for marketing research and analysis.
You can benefit from the experience that our company received developing software that covered the needs of:
Rehab facilities
Dentistry clinics
Homecare businesses
Veterinary clinics
What is a software solution for healthcare?
A software solution is a set of related software products for web and mobile, that are integrated into a single package and oriented for streamlining the work process, improving business productivity, and cutting down costs.
Having the right software solution is the way how your business can reach new heights of productivity, security, and profitability.
Mobile applications for patients
Applications to communicate with doctors remotely, schedule appointments, track key health indicators, don’t forget about pills, nutrition and treatment plan, and store lab results and medications.
pointKey health indicators tracking
pointNutrition and treatment tracking
pointReminders and alerts
pointOnline consultations
pointe-Learning system
pointFeedback and communication tools
Mobile applications for staff
Applications for doctors and nurses that digitize daily routine operations and help them go paperless by having all the needed information via their smartphone or tablet.
pointScheduling tool
pointTreatment history
pointe-Prescribing facilities
pointPatient’s medical images, lab results
pointRemote patient monitoring
Web dashboard for administrators
A web-based application that helps to collect, store, group and analyze data. Moreover, using it, your administrator will be able to easily maintain and change the information in both apps without extra technical knowledge.
pointStaff management
pointControlling the whole technical eco-system
pointData and statistics
pointBills and accounting
Areas of improvement
Here are the areas to be improved with software solutions both for your patients and your staff.
Brand awareness
Digitize your visibility
The application is a digital tool to take a new level of prestige and patient confidence. With its help, your patients will be able to easily distinguish your advantages over the competition.
pointLoyalty systems
pointRetention tools
pointGamification elements
pointEngagement systems
Management and operations
Organization and control
Medical software to improve your clinics from inside. Software that helps to organize and control internal processes. Track and store important information.
pointHealthcare CRM and ERP
pointEHR, PACS, HIE sDigital communicationystems
pointData collecting and analytic systems
pointInventory accounting
pointPayment systems and accounting
pointAdministrative dashboards
Healthcare systems
Self-control and reminders
Software that helps your patients to control (by themselves or by their doctor remotely) their diseases or key health indicators via specific devices or simple personalized reminders.
pointChronic disease management
pointFitness tracking
pointSleep monitoring
pointPill and medication reminder
pointNutrition and treatment trackinging
pointBlood pressure and heart rate monitoring
Digital communication
Be in contact with your patients
Software solutions simplify communication between the patient and the clinic – the contact form can help the patient to connect with a doctor or a clinic.
pointText and video chats
pointContact form
pointFeedback forms
pointHow-to guides

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