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Why You Should Outsource to Belarus?


Statkevich Raman

Marketing Specialist

September 13

In the last few years, there has been an active growth in the export of IT services in Belarus. This is facilitated by an increase in the quality of our services, the level of development and qualifications of specialists. There are many creative and interesting projects in Belarus that are becoming popular all over the world. Many brands already have a worldwide reputation: EPAM Systems,, Viber, MSQRD, IBA Group, etc.

Belarusian developers compete on an equal footing at international developer championships. And not only compete, but also take prizes. Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup, Google Hash Code World Robotic Olympiad is all these are championships in which Belarusians took part.

Now Belarus is known as a country of software outsourcing. Below are the key points why Belarus is an attractive place for IT services outsourcing:

Geographic location & Time Zone Belarus has a very favorable location. The country is located in the center of Eastern Europe. Belarus is in the UTC / GMT + 3 format. This criterion allows you to effectively organize work processes and daily communication.

Language Knowledge Often in the process of work, you can encounter a language barrier. This can become a stumbling block in cooperation and many issues may remain unresolved. But, the majority of developers and specialists in Belarus are directly related to communication with customers. They fluently speak English.

Qualified staff A large number of qualified specialists are involved (more than 40,000 people) in the field of information technology. The vast majority have at least one university degree specializing in computer science or mathematics. Also, every year leading universities of the country provide about 4000 young specialists.

Cost / Quality Ratio

Compared to Eastern Europe, software development costs are lower in Belarus. However, it should be noted that quality in no way suffers. Quite the contrary, due to the qualified personnel mentioned above, the output of the product is of unsurpassed quality. The client will be able to spend 30-60% less on software development than in any other country.

IT–atmosphere In Belarus, there is a fairly high prestige of engineering education and IT professions and, accordingly, a high level of requests for students and specialists. This environment is full of good staff, active and purposeful people. Due to this, the number of it-startups and software and service development companies is increasing. Development in the right direction contributes to the creation of a comfortable atmosphere in the IT sector itself.

Tech legislature capabilities Belarus has a simplified business policy in the field of information technology, in particular, the digital economy. A new decree of the digital economy has opened up new opportunities. Now, promising directions, such as blockchain, machine learning based on artificial neural networks, and much more are available in Belarus.

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